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Manga Release Update- July 17, 2011   9 comments

It’s been a long time (a little over a year) since I last did one of these. As a reminder, I usually pick shojo titles, from Ribon and Nakayoshi in Japan and Kodansha Comics and Shojo Beat in America. Or other publishers…I just do shojo, more so the ones I’m interested in :^D Not all of these have pictures yet. I’ll go back and edit them when they do. Or just make a new post. (Unsure) For the Japanese manga, I only have the pictures for the ones released for this month (which are already out). I’ll list some others that are available to see the title, at least. Oh yeah, the Kodansha Comics ones go up  to March 2012 (for the ones I’m interested in). So now, I won’t really have to do it for a while. (: Read the rest of this entry »


Summer 2011 Manga/Other Goodies   Leave a comment

Heyo~ It’s (sadly) halfway into July. *sob* I hate how time is seeming to go by so much quicker as I get older. ;_; Thinking about having to start school again the end of next month sucks! >_< Well…anyway, putting that aside.

These are the manga (and a few small things) I got over the two weeks I’ve been at my Grandmother’s. (Wow…actually thinking about it) I usually get decent amounts while I’m here. I don’t expect to get everything I want, and am very grateful for them~ (But now my bookshelf has less room ^^; It already did before the summer…) I don’t really expect to get anything else, but may try to get the Full Moon art book and Sakura Hime 3 (which doesn’t come out until August 2nd anyway) and call it a day(?). I might as well at least start a Christmas list. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

I’m still alive~   Leave a comment


Well, I know not that many people read it anyway. For 1- I’m lazy. 2- I can procrastinate. 3- Sometimes I really don’t have the time. Well, this is a short pre-post because I have assignments to do. Plus, I need to redesign the blog for spring. Read the rest of this entry »

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Manga I Own   7 comments

Side note, Happy Halloween! Anyway…I wanted to make this post. I`m doing it on my phone, which is difficult. I get most of my manga from my grandmother, the rest from my aunt and parents. Some (2) aren’t picture here- an extra volume and an adaptation of a Disney Fairy novel (lol). Just didn’t condiser them in here. Read the rest of this entry »

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♥Shugo Chara! Encore! Story 4 Finale- Amu and….   4 comments

The moment I looked at the picture I knew. I was getting my proper ending, unlike the one that stupid anime did. Ahh~ ;A; Read the rest of this entry »

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Manga Updates- June 21, 2010   2 comments

It’s been too long since I did a manga update. No other news for Del Rey came out except for Shugo Chara 10 is coming out December 28, 2010. Let’s continue along, now. 🙂

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Manga Updates: March 28, 2010   Leave a comment

Well, it’s been a while. I guess I’ll update Nakayoshi as well (and just add pictures for the already released March ones).

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