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Pre-Wrap Up: Anime Fall 2010   Leave a comment


Well, I watched only 6 of the fall titles…(I’m still working on MM!, gotta catch up on that) I really just wanted to make this to add some of my thoughts before final episodes that’ll air in the next couple of days. I guess the actual wrap-up will be have brief summaries for the finales. (I didn’t even decide. =A=)  *spoilers follow*

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Yumeiro Patissiere Professional Episode 1~ Kashigo♥   2 comments

Kashino is so short. xD

It seems that this season will lean more on romance…I have no idea where the manga is going since I have no access to any manga magazines. *sob* I won’t be blogging this regularly, but from time to time.  I think I’ll enjoy this…but Johnny gets on my nerves. Why do some anime make Amercians look bad?

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Shugo Chara! DVD Picture Updates   Leave a comment

Hello! I’m here to show you updated pictures of the Shugo Chara! DVD collection. Some of the following are disc-shaped. They’re fanmade, and they have the cover and back art, along with the Guardian Character on the side. You’ll see what I mean.

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SCDD!!! 25- Heartbeat of Heartbeat!!! (final)   9 comments

Well, well, what do you know. The anime is actually over. 127 episodes.

In a sense, I’m relieved, because Satelight messed it up beyond levels. But they also managed to mess up the ending, too. Way to go!! >:-I *ranting ahead*

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Yumeiro Patissiere 24- The Chocolate Cake of Love Battle!   4 comments

Here it is! The screencaps aren’t in much HQ… and sorry for the subtitles… (although they help) Sorry for also skipping 20-23. ^^;

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SCDD!!! 24- Believe! In My Pure Heart!   Leave a comment

(crying “moe”-ness because I can’t find the episode title part where I usually get my screencaps)

Okay. Satelight made me mostly angry this week.

But they kinda satisfied me at the end. *grins* I also realized I should start lengthening my posts. (will start that next weeeek :D)

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SCDD!!! 23- Oh No! Rikka and X Eggs?   Leave a comment

Yeah Yeah. I’ll post my Princess and the Frog fangirling after this. ❤ (I didn’t end up finding all and good screenshots for my favorite scenes, however ;_;)

Anyway! We have VERY minimum manga material this week, and some Rikkaru whatever.

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