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This will probably be my last post for a little while- at least until school’s over. So much is going on recently as for school, so I really don’t have the time. (Technically, I shouldn’t be doing this post either, but it’s so dead on here ;=w=)

I’m going to hopefully make a new banner today, but I most likely not going to be able to. I have to finish a project, as well as start on another one. Plus I have math and other stuff that I have to do. Curse high school D:

Ok, so in terms of anime, since this is an anime blog… I guess some of you would’ve heard by now that Watashi ni XX Shinasai! is definitely licensed by Kodansha Comics. It’s being released under the title “Missions of Love”.. which is a lot better than “Do [insert here] for me!”. Well, that made the translation more literal, but it just doesn’t sound right in English. X) Here is the official press release they posted on Kodansha Comics USA’s website:

Um.. I think that they needed an extra comma in the last sentence, after “Comics”. Huh. Well, anyway- Missions of Love volume 1 is scheduled to be released November 6th of this year, and I can’t wait. (I wish their prices would go down though. That’s why Shojo Beat is my favorite- lowest prices, bloody good manga!~) I just wonder if they’re going to alter the covers or something. They did that with ARISA… I saw Japanese scans, and saw that Arisa has “spread” covers- meaning the image continues onto the back of the book, like how Sakura Hime’s books do. I was a bit disappointed ;_; Plus, the Missions of Love covers are gonna be… well, you know already. XD I’m curious to find out what they decide to rate it (in terms of age). If they make it 16+ I won’t be surprised.

I’ve been sooo behind in watching anime ;_; It sucks…. but I have to get school out of the way first. *collapses onto the floor* I just hope I can finish all of the Spring 2012 titles before the Summer 2012 anime starts… that’ll suck >_<; But maybe things will start dying down soon in terms of school work.. I sure hope so. These finals coming up are scaring the crap out of me.

Well, I don’t know what else to put (except for maybe I’ve recently became obsessed with Vampire Kngiht~)… so, I will return in a few weeks, hopefully. I”ll work hard so I don’t fail my freshman year! Yeah, I definitely don’t want that. >_> I’m going back to finishing my homework and listening to Miku trance/techno songs. Miku is my savior~


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