Where is Karin now? + Watashi ni xx Shinasai! Kodansha Comics USA license?   Leave a comment

....What has the world come to.

Yesh! Sorry for the absence, as usual! >.< Things have gotten really busy, since I’m in new classes now due to the new semester. Hngggg… (And oh, I’ll probably use the picture above ^ for a future banner, despite the suggestiveness and Akira’s butt.)

So, lately I’ve been busy, as stated already.. (um.) I’d like to do the “manga pictures” posts I always do :3 Maybe I’ll do that soon… No episode reviews, since I’m really behind due to viruses on my laptop and school anyways. My birthday is pretty soon ❤ Only 20 days left until I am 15~ Wow, I feel kinda sad now, hehe. ^3^ What I mainly want for my birthday is the Vampire Knight volumes 1-10 box set, and it’s $60-something on Amazon.. I’d also like an authentic Japanese manga, but I’ll have to see since that box set is pretty pricey by itself.

Schol is taking up so much of my time now.. (I’ve said this like four times now.)  I should be doing a project now ;A; I HATE math >.< Therefore this will be a short post until this weekend, since I have a three-day weekend. Yeeeaaahh boiiiii ^3^ Ooh, I’ve started reading The Hunger Games! At first I had to read it because I was obligated to (for math… pulling out statistical data. WTF, really? *sobs*), but I actually like it so far. I’m in the middle of chapter 5 though <_<; Still got a long ways to get… meep..

I would post my current watchlist (what I mean to do) but I don’t have the time. A lot of anime end this week, too… like Zero no Tsukaima F. Can’t wait for the series finale!!! *ahem.* And Senhime Zesshou Symphogear. I feel intimated by big boobies. ;A; 

So, this caught my attention. It’s even on Amazon as well…

o.o Can it be...????

Kodansha Comics USA hasn’t officially announced it yet, but I sure do hope it’s true!! ^.^( Click here to view the full webpage.) I would definitely get it. I just hope for two things: good translation and the keeping of the original covers. And the title seems a bit weird ;A; I hope they’ll change it to just Do XX for Me! (but that sounds so dirty.. then again it’s not too off, lol.) We’ll see :3 Maybe soon at an anime convention? (Oh, how bad I wanna go to Sakura Con. sigh…)

Well, I’m going to go for now. I wanna have time to draw, get back on here, make banners, and read manga!! Dammit! ;A;

P.S., I really wanna change the time settings on here so it matches my actaul time zone. It bothers me.. meep


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