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No me gusta homework.

 Sorry! >.< I haven’t been able to do much since school started… getting used to high school is pretty hard :3 I’m slowly getting used to it, though… sort of. It’s just homework, homework, homework! D: next semester might be more brutal, with my honors classes ;_;

Let’s see.. so far, my 2011 New Years resolution of being on deviantART more often failed epically. So did tending to this blog. (I missed its anniversary.. again *derp*) I want to add it to the 2012 resolutions list.. hopefully it can be fulfilled. orz (I haven’t been on deviantART in so long… I need to scan a ton of stuff.) I feel bad, but when I have free time I usually want to spend it on reading ;A; Or simply doing nothing and listening to music, after stressful days. So, yeah… and now I should make new banners here, huh.. why does time pass so fast??

So, recently.. hmm. I started collecting the Sailor Moon reprints. I’m expecting a Cardcaptor Sakura DVD for Christmas (containing all 72 episodes plus the 2 movies) but I don’t know if it’ll be here in time. (Now I can squee over blushy Syaoran on a bigger screen.~) I have realized my inner fangirl.. 😀

I would like Kiseop for Christmas, plz and thnx 🙂

I’m sure I was looked at strangely when I looked my new U-KISS Neverland CD and was all “kyaa” over Kiseop ❤ U-KISS is a (South) Korean boy band. I just found out about them recently, but I love them ❤ I already have their 2nd album, “Neverland” along with the poster >w< And I saw that they may debut in the U.S. next year!! 😀 Sadly, it’ll most likely be a big city i’m super-far away from, as always. Dammit… Anyways, there are currently 7 members, and I love ’em all 🙂 But, to be honest, Kiseop is my favorite! He’s so hot and adorable!! (Well, all of them are, hehe)I wish I could meet U-KISS 🙂 Only but a dream… hopefully for now, anyways 😀

I’ll post a picture of the CD and poster, which I should measure so I can frame it ;D hehe, in another post. I feel to lazy to do it now…plus, it’s starting to get later and my horrible posture is starting to hurt my back now.

Erio~ \^.^/

As for anime,I’m watching quite a few of the Autumn 2011 titles, like Chihayafuru, Tamayura ~hitotose~, Shinryaku!? Ika Musume, Kimi to Boku, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, and et cetera. I’m anticipating the Winter 2012 animeseason… can’t wait 🙂 It’s hard for me to believe it’s been a year already… so much has happened. I feel kinda.. scared. 0_0; but, everything should be okay. I’m trying to be as positive as I can XD

I shall see you again the next post! >w<b I want to do a whole lot when winter break starts in exactly 7 days. I hope to accomplish some things while I have the time, and also to help make the long week before Christmas pass quickly 😀 I can’t wait. It’s sad how Christmas is a long wait and then it’s gone in a flash.

Have a good weekend! ^.^


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  1. Oooh~You posted this on my birthday xD haha
    Oh….good luck with your classes in the New Year >.:D
    YAYYYY ~ ❤ another fangirl to welcome into the circle. Have you watched Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles? ;O

    • Oh, happy belated birthday! 😀 And thank you~ Nope, I haven’t read/watched it yet.. I kinda wanna wait, since I’m currently tons of different manga and trying to watch a list full of anime 😀 The Sailor Moon reprints are pretty good, and yes they do use the original Japanese names and honorifics. I never had the Tokyopop ones, so I can’t compare them >.<

  2. [sorry for the double-post, I think my previous post left out some stuff Dx]
    Ohh…how are the Sailor Moon reprints? I think the first print had them renamed to Serena and Damien? Usagi and Mamoru are better…in my opinion xP haha…

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