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I’m enjoying my last bit of freedom before I start high school next week.  It’s still kinda unbelievable for me, that I’m a freshman >.<

Well, I’ve recently been trying to make as many banners as I can for now so I don’t have to make any for a while. =w= But it takes so long for me to make them due to my poor skills. ;_; I’m trying to brush up on my Photoshop skills so I can get better at both editing and drawing digital/pixel pictures. (I still can’t tell the difference…sort of…)


My summer has mostly consisted of watching anime, sitting in front of an electronic screen, or reading manga. I’ve drawn a little (not as much as I think I should have) as well. I’m still planning ideas to add to this blog so I can be with it more often. It’ll be 2 next month~ wut. I’m going to do manga reviews, but still not sure with anime. Making my own screenshots takes up a lot of time. Heck, even making my headers for this blog takes forever. I would like to get more on anime since this blog’s name is “Sweet Taste of Anime”. It only makes sense. =w= (But does manga really fall under anime? I don’t think so)

I’ve been interested in trying to get anime video games. I might get Trinity Universe to play on our shared PS3. I wish a lot more were translated into English, especially since the DSi is region locked (I heard, anyways). It would be so cool to be able to play games like Shugo Chara and Nanatsuiro Drops~ I hope to learn Japanese soon. In fact, I recently got “My Japanese Coach” for the DS. It’s really helpful.~ Well, it’s pretty simple vocabulary now for me, but I’ll improve as I advance further in the game. As of now, my rank is “Toddler”. >3< I have trouble with kanji, which will probably take a while for me to get the hang of. I really want to start collecting figures like Nendoroids and such, but I don’t know when >.< They’re so expensive, and by myself I can’t afford them yet. =w=;

This season for anime, I’ve pretty much gotten all caught up, for once 🙂 Well, almost. I’m still behind on a few. Last week I barely got on a computer at all, so I had a lot to catch up on. Plus, some new ones just came out. @_@ Ah, so much for me to do in so little time.~ That’s one of my problems, not wanting to do anything when I have the time but when I do want to do something my time is limited. Anyway, I’m currently watching about 17 series, and over 15 I would still like to watch (including the ones coming up in the Autumn 2011 anime season. *sigh*). As for manga, I’ve done pretty okay. In terms of collecting, I need to work on finishing older series I started. I met one of my summer goals, finishing my collection of Full Moon o Sagashite. I’ll have to finish what Tokyopop left of Alice in the Country of Hearts (only needed one last volume to finish ;^; *sob*) by the end of this year, before it becomes out of print. I’ll end up finishing the main Shugo Chara! series next month, with volume 12 coming out the 6th. I’ll collect Shugo Chara Chan! as well, but I still don’t know how I’m going to fit any more books, especially since I *plan* on getting Sailor Moon, Codename: Sailor V, and possibly the Tokyo Mew Mew Omnibus versions. I still need to finish/catch up to collecting big collections, like Vampire Knight (why did I choose to start collecting it now) and Fruits Basket. I was depending on the Ultimate Editions for Fruits Basket, but now that’s impossible. ;_; I hate how Tokyopop went under…especially how I was so looking forward to reading more of Pavane for a Dead Girl since the scanalations haven’t gone past chapter 5 in ages. And of course, Tokyopop only had the chance to publish volume 1. ;_; I’m hoping another publisher will pick some works back up, but I highly doubt it, since nothing has been announced for quite a while. We can only hope.

Miku drawn by popular composer 鼻そうめんP (HanaSoumenP), also illustrator and animator Hiro Kanzaki, who drew OreImo~

Vocaloid is steadily increasing, too >w< A variety of Vocaloid3 are coming out in the fall~ They include Aoki Lapis, part of  “i-style Project”, and a currently unnamed Korean Vocaloid3 whose voice will be based off Kim Tahi, a part of the K-Pop band Glam. There’s more, like Ring Suzune and Lui Hibiki, but I’m not sure if their voicebanks are being released in fall as well or not. (Most likely yes) The English Miku is also in process and so is the Kaito Append, to be released sometime this year, I think. I’m happy that Vocaloid is getting more and more popular! >w< If you’re a big fan of Vocaloid too, Vocaloidism is the blog for you. Apparently, voice auditions are being held for the voice of Aoki! I wouldn’t audition though, as I’m not too confident about my voice :^D Anyways, the Vocaloid3’s seem like they’ll be awesome~ Eri Kitamura (kyaa) will be voicing CUL, or VY1 (I think), who previously didn’t have her own voice.

Well, I guess this is enough of my ramblings… =w= I have to get back to other things. I have to catch up to the latest episodes, make banners, prepare for school and try to draw some pictures for deviantART as well. I have to make a new ID and I want to draw some pictures, since I feel bad for not drawing any on there since the middle of May. So, I already failed my New Year’s resolution -_-||| I plan on scanning a few drawings I did this summer, though. If I can’t do it in the 4 full days I have left of summer, I can try over the weekend, since my schoolweek will only last 2 days for my first week of school (weird). Maybe I can do a review later on? :3 If I have time left over. So, until next time~~


2 responses to “My Lazy Days~ (what day isn’t a lazy day for me.)

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  1. Oooh, you’ll be a freshman? Good luck! >w<
    Yeah, I've always wanted to play the anime games, but Nintendo never translates them! And I don't know where to get the original Japanese version either. Dx [besides Japan]
    Yeah…Tokyopop had some of my favorites! I wanted to finish Alice in the Country of Hearts, but now I guess its impossible…
    I really, REALLY hope no other English manga publisher shuts down. I really liked CMX, Tokyopop, and Del Rey… [it's so SAD ;_;]
    I don't know why Tokyopop changed the names of Usagi, Mamoru, and the Sailor Senshi in the first place, though. Was it necessary? Dx
    Wow…you have a lot to watch! xD I'm actually[currently] not watching anything. What are you watching? [I need some recommendations! Yes, more to distract me from schoolwork xD]
    I absolutely LOVE Vocaloid! <33 I like Kagamine Rin and Len the best. [even though Len sounds like a girl sometimes. But still, his Appends improved his voice a lot.]
    Aoki Lapis is so dazzling *_*
    Hmm? Do you sing often? ;O
    VY2 and VY1 are really clear! [I guess since they are the latest Vocaloids xD] I can't wait for Vocaloid 3! I'm also looking forward to the Korean vocaloid, though I'm not Korean xD I'm just curious to see how it will sound. I also heard about a Spanish vocaloid. Looking forward to that too! ;D

    • Sorry for the late reply! ><;; I have been so busy with high school ;A; So much work… And about Alice in the Country of Hearts, I read on Yen Press that in June of next year they're releasing omnibus version of it, 2 volumes per omnibus! 😀 So we actually will get to see the 6th volume in America. (now feels happy~) I don't know, back then they always changed people's names from the original Japanese. I think in Tokyopop's Tokyo Mew Mew they never used any honorifics, which as I later became used to Japanese culture I felt kinda cheated because I wanted the honorifics in there xD; But Kodansha Comics' omnibus versions that release soon should have the original. (However, I'm not keen on their omnibus versions…too heavy and tiny, making it hard to hold and maintain)
      Well, I sing alongside songs often, but not in public x) Well, I'm sure by now you know, but the Korean Vocaloid is called SeeU. I haven't heard of a Spanish one 😮 I know that Vocaloid3's will have an expanded language addition, so I'm excited~

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