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Heyo~ It’s (sadly) halfway into July. *sob* I hate how time is seeming to go by so much quicker as I get older. ;_; Thinking about having to start school again the end of next month sucks! >_< Well…anyway, putting that aside.

These are the manga (and a few small things) I got over the two weeks I’ve been at my Grandmother’s. (Wow…actually thinking about it) I usually get decent amounts while I’m here. I don’t expect to get everything I want, and am very grateful for them~ (But now my bookshelf has less room ^^; It already did before the summer…) I don’t really expect to get anything else, but may try to get the Full Moon art book and Sakura Hime 3 (which doesn’t come out until August 2nd anyway) and call it a day(?). I might as well at least start a Christmas list. 🙂

Okay, concerning the actual books, it was my goal to finish the Full Moon collection for the summer. I’m glad I met it~~ I started it in February 2009 (yes, I record when I get a book ^_^; I like doing that) with volume 2 since at the time no other volumes were present.  I kinda then neglected the collection as I moved on to other series until a couple months ago…I think May, getting volume 1. I promised myself that I would just wait to read it rather than scans. I have a bad habit of going on a spree and reading a whole lot…like I accidentally ended up reading all of Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross on the internet, and all of Sakura Hime volume 2 before I got it… ^^; So I wanted to “keep myself in suspense”. Same with Sakura Hime…after rushing through volume 2 I promised not to read any of volume 3! (Although I was so tempted to read its first chapter, which is chapter 7 I think) I’m doing the same with Cardcaptor Sakura and waiting for the omnibus versions….although I already finished the anime >3< I know there’s a difference, but still. And as for Shugo Chara!, I had wanted it. :3 I can’t believe I’ll be finishing it (hopefully) this year when I first started collecting the books near the end of 5th grade. And now I’m a freshman. xD I read it already on the internet, but still.

Anyways, about the other things around the books… the Hello Kitty plush and the pink Hello Kitty keychain are the extra things I got at the bookstore yesterday (as I’m typing actual time on wordpress is different, so doesn’t match with me, I need to fix it to my correct time zone. Either way, the 14th) with Full Moon 5-7 and Shugo Chara! 11.  Those food items are erasers, Crazerasers brand, I also got the 14th. I like them, they’re so cool 😀 I’m gonna collect the cute ones, rather than using them as actual erasers.~

This is the end for this post….oh, this is completely random, but I love Selena Gomez’s song, “Love You Like a Love Song”~ I wish I could animate so badly. (wut) But I have to really improve on drawing guys so people stop accusing me of drawing yuri ;_; I’m sorry…I can’t help it if my guys look like girls TT^TT I need practice… =3= One of my summer goals was to start a manga I began thinking up of…but I might just scratch that. I don’t want to start working on it until I know I’ll finish it. Which is hard, because I’ve never finished a manga I started. Unless I make this blank book I have into one of those oneshot mangas…


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