SCD!! Episode 99- Our Feelings United! The Guardians’ Battle!   Leave a comment


DVD 4 has nothing to do with this XD

Even though it’s a week old, I was bored. DX

Not including summary since it’s…. old.

I’ll post eppy 100 tomorrow too~



Yamato Maihime!!!! The sparkly wings(or whatever) make it even more splendid. Even Nadeshiko’s voice is back~


Nagi/Nadi and Temari.  So cute. Reminds me of Amu’s reunion with Dia, except less sparklier.


Rima’s so cute *V*

Yes, I’m a Rimahiko shipper as well as Amuto… for future reference….





Yes. Rimahiko powaaa!!!!! XD

Where did Rima’s candy cane go? 😦


Nagi in ponytail and still using Nadi voice. Aww.~


I found this hilarious and cute at the same time.


Dear Baby stepping up. I demand a “big sister” Shugo Chara for her too, but many ppl disagree…… But I’d like that. D:


The dog’s still a dog, after all. I wonder why Yoru wasn’t scared. lol


Utau, Eru, and Iru to the rescue!!! I like the new eyecatches with the dramatic music.

"Little Sister Character"?

"Little Sister Character"?

Yup. Utau, you’re so awesome~


The animation was good this week. I hope it is for the rest of Doki! as well.


Maybe I should practice that look and see if ppl go away. XD


Lunatic Charm Doki-fied!!!!! She’s even smiling!!!!

She PWNS it. I don’t even know what pwns means -_-|||

But, I got a little sad. She didn’t Doki transform the WHOLE season till now. And we won’t get Seraphic Charm like that since it seems Utau and Yaya’s parts are kinda over now. Since “Dokki Doki” is powering up AGAIN. Gawd and Amulet Clover used Honey Bubbles once, we probably won’t get to see it ever. Oh well.

Also: Kutau shipper here 2~


I didn’t think they’d actually use the word “sexy” in the anime. Meh. The dog looks weird here…..


It does here, too. Has it not eaten in a week???


Serious m0ments await at that tower~

Gee Amu’s still flat?


Amu looks like Will from the Italian series “W.I.T.C.H.” here in this scene.


Tadase’s staff-turned-sword….. I’ll edit the true name l8ter. It gives you that “knight” feeling…… but I wish he didn’t attack Ikuto… even if it was for defending Amu….. D:



..Where'd the lolis go?

..Where'd the lolis go?

The captions explain all.


I found this scene pretty. I like the background. It feels as if something magical will happen and it does.

Key in Lock, finally!

Key in Lock, finally!

So kira-kira, but not as kira-kira as I expected. What’s she blushing for…? <_<


SCD!! 100 Preview: The Birth of Two Character Transformations!

100 P 1

In bubbles. Finally, we’re getting somewhere. I’m concerned about “Dokki Doki” though, since the Easter thing will be over in 3 more episodes…. and Ikuto… when will he leave?

100 P 2

Is that Tadase or Tsukasa in bed….?

This scene, for some reason, reminds me of the 1800s or whenever ppl in America wore wigs and such.

100 P 3

Ikuto is so cute, and always will be! Yoru born~ I wonder if he’ll look different… probably not.

100 P 4

Amulet Diamond!!!!!


  • Amuto Hug
  • Ikuto free
  • Seven Seas Treasure and Amulet Fortune

Yay!!!! I think episode 100 will be my favorite, unless they do super-good at the animation with chapter 42/43. My guess is “Dokki Doki” will continue wil 103. I wonder what the episode opening(with Ran, Miki and Su saying “Doki” and the episode preview in the background) will be, and the OP and ED songs.

If you haven’t watched this episode yet:


Well, I’ll be posting tomorrow as soon as I find screencaps and watch the episode. See you then!


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