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Treat of Today!!!

Treat of Today!!!

Hey everyone!!!! 🙂

FANGASM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 8DDDDDDDDDD

I have over 60 screencaps XD



The episode starts where the previous left off: the Humpty Lock being “unlocked”. Amu, Ran, Miki, Su, Tadase and Kiseki end up in bubbles(Ran is inside Amu and ditto with Kiseki and Tadase).  They start seeing Ikuto’s past through other bubbles. Ikuto is comforting Utau, since their mother is in care right now. The scene changes to when Ikuto and Utau move into Tadase’s house.  Little Tadase shows up and Tadase gets surprised. Utau and Ikuto start becoming a little sad, thinking people pity them. Another scene shows with Ikuto holding Yoru’s egg. Tsukasa appears and Ikuto quickly hides it. Tsukasa talks to Ikuto about his father’s violin, and Ikuto starts getting mad, saying he made his mother and Utau unhappy. Tsukasa shows Ikuto a baby bird learning to fly. He says that everyone must leave the nest someday. Tsukasa asks Ikuto if he wants to look for his father. Ikuto agrees, and they head to Europe this wasn’t in manga at all. Tsukasa is broke, and Ikuto starts snapping at him. He gets Aruto’s violin and starts playing, and people throw money in his violin case. During one night, Ikuto examines Yoru’s egg while Tsukasa is asleep. While playing one day, an elderly woman recognizes Aruto’s violin and gives Tsukasa a picture of him and herself at an earlier time. He explains to Ikuto about the picture. Ikuto, the scene now at a bench, starts reconsidering his father. He starts to cry, and Tsukasa comforts him to let his pain out. With that, Yoru is born.

While playing on the rooftop of a building one day, Easter people come and take Ikuto. Tsukasa hurries but is too late. Ikuto, now bound by Easter, starts to face even more challenges in life.

The scene arrives with Tadase’s grandmother realizing Betty is dying. She goes inside to get a scarf, while Ikuto(grown) appears and plays a song for her, as she finally rests in peace.

Amu realizes what must be done. The Humpty Lock glows, and they are now out of the mysterious bubbles. Amu sees Dia in light, and the two transform together. Amu observes Ikuto and Tadase fighting, while trying to “find her answer”. Amu gets her staff(?) out, and uses Shooting Star Shower. Ikuto and Tadase are wrapped in pink light. Amu falls out of the sky, and lands in Ikuto’s arms. She says that she’ll embrace his pain. Ikuto reverts back to normal. The two look at each other deeply. The Humpty Lock begins to shine again, and Amu feels the familiar presence of a new Character Transformation. The episode ends with her transforming into Amulet Fortune with Ran, Miki, Su and Dia, and with Ikuto transforming into Seven Seas Treasure with Yoru and the black egg.


Whew! I can write a lot if I want 2.

Screencap time:

1The animation was so-so this week. It was good in some parts, bleh in others.

Lol the Humpty Lock is pink and the Dumpty Key blue

243This scene was pretty. Less sparklier than imagined, but then again we don’t want kids in Japan having seizures like they did with this Pokemon episode a LONG time ago that NEVER got shown on tv ever again……..

576I don’t really like the background a whole lot. I wish it were a mixture of pink and blue or something……. or purple…. purple sounds nice

8910A caring, understandable younger brother helping his little sister understand and feel better. D’WAA. TT^TT

12Discovery of Yoru. He wasn’t the least bit shocked as Amu, huh? Or… did his egg already come earlier than this scene? Huh…….

13Such serious, clear eyes. The eyes WIN this week. Awesome. Ikuto in this episode made me love ‘im more. Aww….

1415….Lol. But why didn’t he make the comment about his father??? Satelight also fails some places, but I’ll give mercy for climax-Ikuto-arc episodes……. …Is there a reason for his hand to be on his hip? And the cat ears…. so cute. He really did sound like Kazune from KK. Yes, they’re by the same seiyuu. Little Ikuto and Kazune.

"Isn't that out of character?"

"Isn't that out of character?"

Yeah, it is. But when are YOU TWO “out of character”? -3- I like the chibis here though.

Euro? What the heck?

Euro? What the heck?

Huh. Weird. 0-0 But, Euro isn’t something you see in most all anime~

"He's so mean...."

"He's so mean...."

Indeed. He IS.

18I found this cute. I will keep using the word cute until the word dies!!!! He’s poking at it like a frog he found…. kinda. Not really, but you get the point.

19Aruto is smexy */////* !!!! I like this picture. It’s just so happy.

20Ikuto examining picture. The picture looks kinda old….

21Poor Ikuto,baby. Tsukasa is a pedo . This scene was touching. I like it better than in the manga. In the manga.. it’s just too many tears 0-o


Yoru!!!!!! *tackleglomp* He does look a wee bit younger, but not much.

23Aww. Touching. 🙂

24I love the calm look on him. It’s relaxing to even look at.

2526Dang. Tsukasa’s too late. -3- Ikuto…. I’m just so glad you’re free in the manga now 🙂

27Don’t torture Ikuto any longer. Meanie poos!

2829Then Utau left him rather their mom and stepdad….. Ikuto….. *pities a bit*

3031..This literally made me cry. I wiped my tears away while watching. Me being an animal over, and just everything….. *cries*

32I half-expected Tadase to cry for some reason. His eyes are beautiful here~

33I love the background ❤

3435Amulet Diamond time!!! Dude what’s up with the shadows under her eyes? They look like bags

"Honey, I'm home~"

"Honey, I'm home~"


3738I love how they still kept it from episode 43. That was SUCH a long time ago….

4039I love this Amulet Diamond movement/pose much better than in episode 43. Instead of her “dance… o-o” I would SO make a gif out of this….. if I still had Photoscape….. TT^TT

41Ack!!! So bright!!!!!


shooting star shower I wanted to see Tinkle Shield, but after everything, this was better off left alone.

4445HERE IT COMES!!!!!



hug1ssHug wasn’t what I thought, but loved it anyway. Replayed the moment 2-3 times XD And a smiling, crying Amu. Even better.


48Sweet. Pure awesomeness. Made my day. I want that kiss soon, but not to soon, since that means no more Ikuto in anime…. and if Season 3’s coming up what is Satelight gonna do, make him stay and more gooey Amuto mush? Please 8D

49Ikuto looks really different….. oh well. WELCOME BACK!!!!~~~~~

505153Seriously, what’s with the shadows under the eyes?? A bit creepy


"Character Transformation! Amulet Fortune!"

"Character Transformation! Amulet Fortune!"

AWESOME animation. I like how they still used the wedding-like music from the hug. While they said “Kyara Nari! Amyretto Furchune!”, I barely heard Amu, Dia, and Su’s voices(mostly just Dia and Su’s I couldn’t hear).

"Character Transformation! Seven Seas Treasure!"

"Character Transformation! Seven Seas Treasure!"

Awesome here too, but why aren’t his arms in the sleeves….? Also used wedding music for him. Indirect meaning?? XD

EDIT 9/17/09: Oh. His arms weren’t in the sleeves in the manga, too. *I’ll post that later*

57Birth of 2 Character Transformations!!


SCD!! Episode 101 Preview: The Torn Picture Book! A Sad Secret!

101PAmulet Fortune and her splendor. So pretty, man~

101P3Tadase’s eyes look great here, too.

101P2The Guardians and Utau fighting. Did this happen in the manga….? I don’t think so.

101P4The “Embryo”. How interesting. It seems they’re really hurrying it…. I wonder if this how the episode ends.

Next Week:

  • Open Heart: Full Bloom
  • Embryo taken by director
  • Large X-Character Crying
  • Other stuff…. lol

Episode 100 subbed:

Enjoy!!! See you ’round


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  1. When I was re-watching this somehow my computer was lagging after little Ikuto’s shocked face and when the bubbles with the past were going really fast my computer lagged and I saw that his memories are amuto moments X3

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